We are passionate about making these process as easy as possible for our clients. Having said that, please take a look at the most general and frequent questions we get about our clients:

 Easy, please send us a picture or scan of: Your US birth certificate, your Passport*, and your Parent´s Mexican Birth Certificate(s). If you utilize your Spouse´s legal name please send us your Marriage Certificate as well. This is all we need to tell you if you are the perfect candidate. You can always contact us by phone, chat, or email us at doblenacionalidadexpress@gmail.com
** Passport is preferred but you can also send DMV ID, Military ID, or Passport Card **

 We have helped people in this situation before. All we need is your parent´s Mexican Birth Certificate. First of all, if they have passed away, we express our condolences. Remember that we can help you even if they have passed away, guaranteed!


Also, if you do not speak to your Mexican parent, we can obtain your Mexican citizenship without bothering him. Remember that is your Constitutional Right to obtain your Mexican citizenship, not his/hers. So in these cases what we have done is (1) try to help you contact a relative of your parent which can provide your parents birth certificate or information so we can find the record for you. (2) If you have sufficient information about your parent, we can look for his record in Mexico. If this does not work nor apply to your specific case, please contact us, there are other ways we can help you. Cheer up!

Traveling can be an arduous and time-consuming task. That’s why we have secure locations where you can send us your originals through the mail and once we finish processing your petition; we’d be more than glad to send them through the same means of arrival.

 No, we do not need your original passport and/or id in our possession. We only need a scan of it, or a good picture front and back. We might need it some specific cases, but this has only applied for less than 10 of our clients. If we ever need it, you can rest assured that we will return it to you once we finish.

We get this question a lot, and the general answer, which applies to almost all our client is NO, obtaining your Mexican Citizenship DOES NOT affect your US citizenship. Please review this link for official information from the US government regarding this topic. (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/Advice-about-Possible-Loss-of-US-Nationality-Dual-Nationality/Dual-Nationality.html)

When one is born in a foreign country (example, the US) from Mexican parents, one obtains the right to become a Mexican citizenship as born abroad. This means that you have an easy and immediate path for your citizenship. You are NOT obtaining your citizenship through the process of naturalization; you are obtaining your direct citizenship. There is no oath nor exam applied. There are no high government fees nor an immigration process related to this right.

*** IF YOU HAVE MEXICAN PARENTS, PLEASE DISREGARD THIS INFORMATION*** If you are a US citizen obtaining your Mexican Citizenship through NATURALIZATION, meaning that you are obtaining your Mexican citizenship through the process of Temporal and/or Permanent Residence, then please note, that you will face a renunciation clause when you apply for naturalization. If you are about to face this scenario, please contact us.**

 First, thanks for trusting us with this important endeavor. When we finish with your process, you can expect to receive from us your: (1) Original Birth Certificate. (2) Certified Translation and Legalization of your Birth Certificate. (3) Mexican Birth Certificate as born abroad. (4) Clave CURP which is your Unique Population Registration Code, basically your citizen or resident identification number. (Clave Unica de Registro Poblacional).

 Unfortunately, no, we cannot get you Mexican Passport nor ID for you. Like in any country, getting your ID is a personal task. We can help you obtain an appointment for your Mexican Passport, INE, credencial and/or matricula. We get the appointment and give you general instructions and coaching for that special day. Most of the time, you get your passport that same day you attend the appointment. Please contact us so we can help you schedule.

 Absolutely! Grandma can be Mexican, trespass it to you, and you to your kids. This is 100% possible! We have helped various families obtain their Mexican citizenship this way. It is a great investment and benefit. Once you obtain Mexican citizenship, all your heirs have a constitutional right to obtain it.

In this cases the best thing to do is to contact us. We have to review documentation for each person on the chain of ascendants and descendants, since we have to make sure everything matches and that every piece of the puzzle will match. Sometimes people try to do it on their own, and for example, they mess up the documents of grandma, and without knowing, they just jeopardized the rest of the family´s right for the Mexican citizenship.

 Of course! A great percentage of our clients call us when they have been rejected by Mexican authorities. We understand, it can become a headache, and it can surely bring the morale down. If this is your case we can assure you that you have come to the right place. Please contact us and explain us what happened. There is nothing we haven’t fixed. You would not imagine what he have been through just to fix documentation for the Mexican citizenship.

Most of the time, Mexican citizenship is rejected because of: Lack of documentation, problems with the names on the records, not being able to find the records, mistakes on official records, incompetence or bad attitude from government officials, etc.

Please call us, we are eager to help!

 We understand that doing these procedures involve sharing important and delicate information. Our priority is to complete our mission with you and your family by always respecting the given time frame and honoring the common guidelines expected when hiring professional legal services. Your documents are protected from disclosure. We never share your documents with any third party. We do not upload your documents to any “cloud” or “digital” agency. Your documents sent by email or any other communication mean are ONLY reviewed by our team. Our process does not hire/include third party services. We take care of everything, in house.

We have never lost a document in our career. We guarantee that if we do, we will pay the costs related to replacing such documents.

Please note that we operate under the legal entity DOBLE NACIONALIDAD EXPRESS, LLC. Our founding attorney counts with “Cedula Profesional” (Mexican BAR), is also a certified US PARALEGAL and PUBLIC NOTARY, and is also currently attending law school in the US. Every person working in our office has finished or is currently studying law in Mexico.

Most of our operations are performed in Mexico.

When you were born in the US, but also have a Mexican birth certificate which states that you were born in Mexico, then, you’re considered to have TWO IDENTITIES instead of having two citizenships. Not to worry, even though each situation is handled on a case-to-case basis and may differ depending on when and where you were erroneously registered in Mexico, rest assured that we’ve resolved several of these different scenarios. It’s very important to determine the details of this second birth registration to know the appropriate procedure for resolving and getting you your Mexican Citizenship. Please contact us by phone, chat, or email us at doblenacionalidadexpress@gmail.com so that we can quote you for your specific process.

Of course! We will need your authorization so that we can request these sensitive documents on your behalf so that we can start the process as soon as possible.