Doble Nacionalidad Express was born on 2019 when I incorporated myself to the Family´s Law Firm. Our firm has been aiding businessmen and families of the San Diego – Tijuana Region to protect and create their enterprise and estate in both sides of the border since 1980´s. This project commenced when we realized there were too many immigration attorneys out there that specialized, specifically, in helping people obtain their US immigration processes safely, but there were not any attorneys that specialized in BOTH sides of the immigration needs of the region. Also, that most offices rendering services in Mexico, were not following the formal and accessible method that US oriented firms give. Since then, we focused on bringing an easy, accessible, and specialized attention for both parts of the border, Americans trying to obtain their Mexican citizenship or residence, or Mexicans trying to obtain their American citizenship or residence.

Having started as a small project, now Doble Nacionalidad Express, is now attending a high number of persons daily. We understand how important the immigration processes are for our clients, since they mean family connections, better career opportunities, or access to a better life. We are passionate about helping our clients through their legal journey, always offering the easiest and most affordable route for them. We take pride on the reviews our past customers have made, please review them if you are curious about what others have said about our law firm.

Thank you for reading us and looking for our services online. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to help you.


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